one-on-one & group training

Maximize how well you move and improve your fitness level.

manual & laser therapies

Treat your pain source, not just the symptom with laser and massage.

golf specific training

Specialized training to improve both how well you move and how well you play.


Steel Mace Training

Mace training is an “unconventional training” tool, proven effective in challenging core stability, rotational strength and power, anti-rotation and counter rotation, as well as endurance and posture. The unbalanced nature of the mace challenges rotational strength and core stability while working the primary movers throughout the entire body. Everything from head to toe is called upon to move and stabilize with the mace, making it the perfect strength and conditioning tool to burn calories and have fun doing it.


Pronounced “work,” this wildly addictive cardio dance class, is the fiercely fun fitness workout based on pop and hip hop music.

Better Body Circuit Training

This is a small group circuit-based class that combines intervals of cardiovascular and strength training exercises, as well as agility and balance exercises to provide you with a safe and effective total body workout.  This class will help increase your strength and endurance, and improve your balance and coordination.

Junior Athletic Development Program

This is a circuit training style program which includes mobility, stability and power development for juniors using agility drills, medicine balls, battle ropes and body weight exercises to develop their fundamental movement skills.

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