One-on-One Training

Private training is all about YOU! Before we prescribe a fitness program for you, we have to find out what you can do and we don’t want to guess so we begin with a Performance screen that tests your mobility, stability and balance. In other words, how well do you move?


Our gym is all about FUNCTION so be prepared to bounce some balls, pull on a cable and stretch a rubber band. Your training session will include body preparation using foam rollers, dynamic warmups, mobility work and whole body strengthening.

Small Group Training

Don’t want to work out by yourself? Our small group training offers great results whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, get stronger or just have some fun!


Our CIRCUIT TRAINING CLASS covers whole body training with emphasis on upper and lower body toning, core strengthening and mobility all rolled into one hour. Our facility is equipped with medicine balls, bands, battle ropes and agility gear. We are the Fun Masters!


Interested in something different? Try our WERQ CLASS, and our STEEL MACE TRAINING CLASS is the only one in town! Train like a warrior and build endurance, cardiovascular strength and tone up with a steel mace combined with exercises moving your body that will make you feel like a ninja!

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Junior Group Training

Our junior program focuses on building an athlete first, so no matter what sport your child is playing, the FUNDAMENTALS OF MOVEMENT are a must. To name a few: hopping, skipping and jumping. Our kids spend a great deal of time sitting and much more time bent over a computer, homework and playing video games. We focus on building coordination, helping them through their growth spurt with mobility training, strengthening their core as well as sport specific skills for developing strength and power. Our goal is to prevent injuries!! It is all a big game in our Better Body 1 Studio!

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